Our broad experience and depth of knowledge in equine design and construction spans from stud farms, private stables, livery stables, eventer’s yards, gallops, show jumping arenas, training tracks and more besides. We can masterplan all aspects of your development ensuring a fully functional layout.

Construction or renovation, we will evaluate the land you have available and work alongside your experience to devise a top-class facility incorporating the progressive approaches or traditional fundamentals that you advise.

Andrew at Pantile Stud, Cambridgeshire

Our approach to equine property design centres on functionality for all users. Walk us through your day-to-day routines and we will highlight the practical considerations essential to your build; We understand how important it can be to have access to water in the right place or the ability to load the feed store with a teleporter. With your input we can: craft you a yard that optimises your day to day routine and the health of your horses; guide the project through the planning process; help find a contractor or work with your chosen team; deliver you a finished yard to be proud of. 

You know best. We share your passion for animal comfort. Your equestrian build needs high-quality architecture that considers the needs of all occupants and prioritises the health of your animals. Through strong client relationships, we develop a fundamental understanding of your unique set-up and can match a bespoke design to your needs.

Rosefield House Stables